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Are You

Value Effectively?

Find out if your customer conversations are effectively maximizing your value and sales potential.

Upload your call transcripts and let Pulse by Valuezen
handle the analysis. Our tool provides detailed scores
on crucial aspects like value positioning and sales
effectiveness, identifies gaps in your conversations,
and highlights the value metrics most relevant to your
audience. Based on these insights, it also recommends
a tailored value model to ensure your approach is not
only aligned but optimized for maximum impact.

How It Works

Step 1

Upload Your Call Transcript

Step 2

Pulse by Valuezen Magic

Step 3

Get Detailed Report


Spot and Bridge Critical Gaps

Effortlessly identify areas where your conversations may be lacking. Pulse by Valuezen scans your transcripts to pinpoint missing links in your communication, allowing you to address them directly and enhance overall effectiveness. This feature ensures that no critical aspect is overlooked, leading to more comprehensive and successful interactions.

Automatically Pinpoint Objectives and Results

Unlock the power of automation to discover key objectives and results directly from your discussions. Pulse by Valuezen intelligently extracts and highlights the main goals and achievements discussed during your calls, providing you with clear targets and performance metrics that align with your strategic priorities.

Extract Key Value Metrics Seamlessly

Gain deeper insights into the specific value drivers that resonate with your audience. Pulse by Valuezen delves into your call transcripts to extract and present the value metrics that matter most, enabling you to tailor your approach based on what truly influences your customer’s decisions.

Craft Tailored Value Models

Go beyond generic solutions with personalized value models crafted from your unique conversations. Pulse by Valuezen not only uncovers but also helps you build customized value models that are perfectly aligned with the specific needs and expectations of your customers, ensuring a more targeted and impactful approach.

Are Your Conversations Driving Value?

Discover the full potential of every interaction. Use Pulse by Valuezen to fine-tune your approach and achieve superior outcomes.

What Else Valuzen Can Do?

Identify and Address Key Gaps Across Your Communications

Valuzen's advanced analytics enable you to perform gap assessments at scale, pinpointing areas of improvement in how your team communicates, positions your offerings, and conveys value to customers. By identifying these gaps—whether they're in communication, positioning, or value delivery—Valuzen empowers your organization to make strategic adjustments that enhance overall effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Automatically Uncover Key Business Drivers and Target Personas

Streamline the discovery process with Valuzen's ability to automatically detect crucial business objectives, Key Results (KRs), and customer personas from your data. This feature provides a clear understanding of what drives your business and who your key customers are, enabling personalized and focused strategies that resonate more effectively with your target audience.

Receive Customized Recommendations for Optimal Impact

Valuzen not only analyzes your current strategies but also recommends tailored value models and comprehensive value frameworks that align with your business goals. These recommendations are designed to maximize the impact of your initiatives, ensuring that every action you take is informed by data-driven insights and contributes to sustained business growth and customer alignment.


Pulse by Valuezen is an advanced analytical tool designed to evaluate and enhance your team’s communication by analyzing call transcripts. It provides detailed scores on value positioning, sales effectiveness, and identifies areas where conversations can be improved.

Simply upload your team’s call transcripts to the Pulse platform. Our AI-driven system will analyze the content using sophisticated algorithms to assess various aspects of the conversation, identify gaps, and provide actionable insights.

Yes, Pulse prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. We use state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that all information processed is handled securely and in compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.

Pulse stores data temporarily to perform analyses. However, we do not retain data longer than necessary to provide our services, respecting both privacy concerns and regulatory requirements.

Pulse assigns scores based on a range of factors including clarity of communication, effectiveness of value positioning, and overall engagement metrics. These scores are derived from AI analysis tuned to recognize key elements that contribute to successful outcomes.

Scores provided by Pulse are based on industry best practices and frameworks, offering insights into specific aspects of your conversations. It’s important to note that these scores reflect the effectiveness of a particular conversation, not the capabilities of individuals. They are intended as tools for feedback and improvement, helping you enhance communication strategies and performance.

For Demo

Scenario for a Sales Representative:


Emily, a sales representative, struggles with inconsistent engagement levels during her calls. She often finds it difficult to determine which parts of her pitch resonate with prospects and where she loses their interest.

Solution with Pulse:

Using Pulse, Emily uploads her call transcripts and receives an analysis that highlights which sections of her conversations generate the most positive interactions and which are less effective. Pulse pinpoints areas where her value communication is weak and suggests specific adjustments to improve her engagement and conversion rates. With this feedback, Emily can tailor her approach to emphasize the strongest aspects of her pitch and adjust the areas that need refinement.

Scenario for a Customer Success Manager:


John, a CSM, notices a trend of decreased customer satisfaction scores and is unsure how to address this issue effectively across various accounts.

Solution with Pulse:

John uses Pulse to analyze recent support call transcripts with customers expressing dissatisfaction. Pulse identifies common themes and gaps in these conversations, such as missed opportunities to highlight product benefits or misunderstandings about feature uses. It also provides John with recommended communication strategies and potential value propositions tailored to the specific concerns raised by customers. Armed with these insights, John can proactively address these issues, better meet customer expectations, and improve overall satisfaction.

Scenario for a Senior Sales Executive:


As the VP of Sales, Michael is facing significant challenges with the sales team struggling to effectively communicate the unique value proposition of their new SaaS product. The sales pitch is often perceived as generic and fails to clearly differentiate the product from competitors, resulting in lost deals and extended sales cycles.

Solution with Pulse:

Michael leverages Pulse to analyze a series of sales call transcripts. The tool identifies key areas where the sales team’s messaging falls short in highlighting the unique value proposition and differentiation points. Pulse provides detailed feedback on which value aspects resonate most with different customer personas and suggests adjustments to improve clarity and impact. With these insights, Michael can refine the sales pitch, ensuring that the team emphasizes the product’s unique benefits and addresses common customer pain points more effectively. This targeted approach helps shorten the sales cycle, increase win rates, and improve overall sales performance.

Scenario for a Customer Success Executive:


Mark, a Customer Success Director, is facing a troubling trend of delayed renewals and increased pricing negotiations during renewal discussions. This issue is impacting customer lifetime value and the predictability of revenue streams. Additionally, customers often express confusion about the unique value they receive compared to competitors, leading to decreased satisfaction and loyalty.

Solution with Pulse:

Mark leverages Pulse to analyze transcripts from recent renewal discussions. The tool provides detailed insights into where customer expectations diverge from the services delivered and highlights missed opportunities to reinforce the value provided. Pulse identifies specific areas where the team can better articulate the product’s unique benefits and differentiation points. With these insights, Mark can guide his team to adjust their approach, emphasizing personalized value reinforcement and preemptive engagement tactics. This data-driven strategy helps Mark’s team address concerns more proactively, streamline the renewal process, and maintain pricing integrity, ensuring customers fully appreciate the value before renewal discussions begin.

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