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Think Value.

How It Works

Engage your prospects and customers with a personalized value management dashboard that continuously demonstrates value throughout the customer lifecycle!

Value Discovery & Advisory

Identify the need, business impact, expected outcomes for your customer. Map value drivers to business outcomes.

Build value landscape with a mind map.

Custom levers to derive value for each customer persona.

Value Creation & Propagation

Convert business outcomes into monetary models, calculate RoI, and build a compelling reason for your customer to invest.

Bring your value models to life in minutes with no-code widget builder and create value reports & hypothesis!

Value Realization

Map live data to demonstrate real RoI! Maximise renewals and create up sell opportunities.

Build real-time value dashboards for each customer persona!

Keep a tab on potential churn by tracking value realisation trends.

Value Management Platform

Integrates with
100+ Enterprise Apps!

Transform your product metrics to value metrics using custom value models and seamless integrations with Enterprise applications.

Use no-code builder to build value dashboards and align them to business outcomes expected by each customer. Seamlessly share the dashboard or embed in your applications.

ValueZen easily integrates with your applications, securely fetches only the needed data and presents the business metrics personalised to each customer persona.

Transform Data Into Value

Integrate with any database, custom apps or popular enterprise apps to derive value, as needed by each customer.

Value Realisation

Embed or share persona-specific value realisation dashboard.

Features Conversations to
Value Conversations


Value positioning is key for any sale. Value selling helps command a higher price for your product.

Value hypothesis engages customers with value conversations. Seamless sharing of widgets and analytics provides insights on customer interest.

Customer Success

Continuous realisation of value from your product is one of the key reasons for successful renewals. Value is one of the most talked subjects in Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings.

Tailor-made value realisation dashboard for each customer helps in articulating and tracking value metrics.


Articulating the value of your product in the early stages and engaging the prospects with business outcomes and value metrics helps in actively engaging the customer and hence aid in generating more leads.

Embed value calculators in your pricing page and generate more leads!